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Asiatic lilies

Asiatics are among the most popular lilies grown in Alberta. They offer vibrant fusions of colour to every garden, and are among some of the earliest bloomers every spring. The best part- there is a plethora of colours available, with all blooming in tight bunches of flowers (picture to the left). In addition, asiatic lilies are reliably hardy.

Asiatics are best planted in the fall, allowing the bulb to produce a strong root structure prior to the ground freezing. Remember, these lilies require the winter chill in order to produce large blooms. 

Asiatic lilies prefer a location that gives 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. However, try and keep the roots shaded, allowing for cooler soils. This can be achieved by planting small annuals around the base, or with a light layer of organic mulch. They prefer well drained soils, only requiring 1-2 inches of 'rain' per week. 

There are two options to pruning. 1) You can deadhead as soon as the petals begin to fall before the seed pods form, preventing them from using their energy on seed development. 2) Allow seed development, and prune after the plant dies back in the fall. Just be careful not to prune to early, the green foliage is required for the plant to continue gathering energy until winter.

These perenials are some of the easiest to grow, with the most rewarding colours during blooming. They are a top recommendation at Spruce & Stone during landscape design for the bright pop of colour every garden requires.  

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