For years, gardeners in zone 3 have begged for the compact, crisp, and year round green provided by boxwood shrubs. While some have had success in overwintering Wintergreen or Green Mountain Boxwoods (USDA zone 4-9) in zone 3, it usually requires some good luck. Well we can finally achieve that gorgeous green hedge we have long sought after with the Calgary boxwood. This variety is cold hardy to zone 3, which is typically defined geographically by areas that reach -40 C.


These shrubs can be planted/manicured to provide a modern (single specimen), traditional (row/hedge), or even a cottage (long hedges) look to your landscaping. Plant them to grow as a hedge (will need pruning to maintain), grow in containers (harder to overwinter), or plant them as specimen plants creating diversity within your landscaping. They are a compact and upright plant, where with full sunlight will grow to a 2-3' height and spread. 

The best part, or at least to me, is they are an evergreen, keeping their green foliage year round. Lets be honest, we get cold and snow here in Edmonton- and it lingers for months. Looking into the desolate, white landscape of your yard mid winter can be depressing, however, seeing the bright green tips sticking up through the snow is downright uplifting! Paired with other year round interest plants, such as reg-twigged dogwoods can make your landscaping more appealing year round. 

Calgary Boxwood