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Design is a fundamental element in the transformation of landscapes. As we outline in our design process, Spruce & Stone draws up detailed plans for every design and installation. Beginning with a site visit, we will analyze the yard and building layout, overall terrain, as well as the movement of the sun. This allows us to determine the ideal location for plants and landscape features (patio, pergola, etc.) within your living space. In our design we infuse contrasting textures, colours, and shapes to create stunning outdoor escapes. Throughout the entire design process, we work with the home owner to ensure transparency and complete satisfaction.

Not every project requires a complete transformation, concept drawings are not always required. During our site visit and initial conversation, we will determine what plans/ drawings are required for your specific project.  

If you enjoy being behind the shovel, we offer layout sketches and detailed planting plans. Concept plans begin at $300.00

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