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Incrediball Hydrangea

This is a broadleaf, flowering shrub, that exhibits an upright growth habit. Under ideal conditions it can grow to a height and spread of 4-5 feet. They display extremely large flower heads (mostly derived of sepals), that begin a light green and then turn white in colour. Our flower heads have reached a spread of 8-9 inches, although they are said to be capable of reaching 12 inches in diameter. They tend to flower at the end of June to early July, and continue blooming right through fall. 

Incrediball Hydrangea's are hardy to zone 3 and can tolerate a range of soil pH. In addition, soil pH has no impact on bloom colour. They were originally marketed as an alternative to the adored Annabelle- a hydrangea who would flop over when water accumulated in the flower head. Amazingly, Incrediball's stay erect and produce a massive bloom to boot!

These hydrangeas, like many others, bloom on 'new wood' (ie. new growth). Thus the question of when to prune is simplified, as there is no chance of losing next years flowers by pruning this years blooms. It is for the same reason, flower buds are not killed during cold winters. You can prune back last years blooms anytime after the last frost and before spring. However, the beauty of these hydrangeas is their large flower heads provide wonderful visual winter interest to your garden and landscape

Clip of a few of these flower heads for beautiful arrangements year round. 

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